Special 20 - G vs G# vs A


I am a complete novice. I have a C and I’m looking for my next harmonica. I’d like something that will be low, but that I can still bend a bit.

Would you recommend A or G or G# (I really don’t know the difference between G and G# - I have no knowledge of music theory)?

I only play for my own pleasure.

I would really appreciate any input.


Hi Wannago,

if you’re getting on OK with your C harp, I suggest you try an A next. The pitch is somewhat lower than a C, but not as low as G, which many novices find more difficult to bend notes on. The four most useful keys of harmonica are (in ascending order of pitch) G, A, C & D, because they fit to a large number of popular songs.

I hope this helps, good luck and have fun!

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A through G . 7 harps for generally for everything. Find the song key and play three down. Song in A harp in D.