Special 20 problem?

I just got a Special 20 (I am new to harmonica). I can get clean tones from everything except 2-draw. Is this a normal difficulty, is it me, or is it a problem with this particular harmonica?


Hi tc4all,

Welcome to the world of harmonica playing!

Getting a clear 2-hole-draw is a common difficulty among beginners. Try to form an “O” while drawing, as this amplifies the space in your mouth.

Did you already sign up for the Free Online Lessons that come with the purchase of the Special 20? This and other techniques are very well explained there.


I doubt that the harp is faulty.

I suspect you’re using a C harp. It’s frequently a challenge to successfully get a good tone from drawing hole 2. Practicing is one solution, but you can also try a G or A harp — they are typically easier.

Hi the special 20 is a great harp, keep at it. With regard to your 2 draw try articulating the word ,who , on the draw note, this should help

Good luck.

You bought my favorite Hohner diatonic: it’s comfortable to play, responsive, and has great smooth tone. You’ll lick the two draw with the tips listed above. It’s a good place to learn that the mouth and nasal cavity are also part of the instrument. Some notes articulate better when changing the mouth. lips, and tongue. This will become second nature. Keep practicing and let your ear guide you…