St special s Hohner professional


I am looking for Some information about my first electric Guitar ever. It is the st special s (Hohner professional) serail number: 8602952. If I remember correctly I bought it in the late 80’s in Eindhoven. It went from Boeing my main Guitar to a spair and then upstairs. But took it down again and it sounds really ok - you can put up a discussion about the looks with the red/white body and golden hardware :crazy_face:) If someone has Some more information about wood, year of built etc … I would be most grateful. Thx!!

Hi Frank! Thank you for posting here.
Hohner has stopped the production of guitars for some time and unfortunately the documents and archives have a lot of blank spaces. For everybody who is looking for more information we made a list on our website:
There you will also find some information on the St Special like woods, hardware… hope this matches your model.
The serial # 8602952 inicates that your model was built in 1986.


Thx for your answer. Just had a quick look and that is most of the information I was looking for.


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