T-shirts and stickers


I can easily find t-shirts for other major harmonica brands, but not Hohner. I also get stickers from another brand when I buy a harp, but not Hohner. I love the 30 day free online school coupon included with Hohner harps (when registration is open).

My advice: offer (sell) several T-shirt designs in a few colors and all sizes and give away or sell stickers. This marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought and neglected. It builds brand loyalty and will provide a significant return on a tiny investment.


Hello Jaya,
we sell our tshirts through the CShop for 8 years now: http://www.hohner-cshop.de/en/Merchandise/Textiles/
Best regards


Hi. I’m a Hohner fan and a user. I have two little coffee shops (The Coffee is on the Table) in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil. I like to put a poster of Hohner in my walls. Could you send me one at least?


Very cool.… for some reason I’ve not been able to find this shop until now.thanks for pointing it out. I’ll check it out.


Hi Irineu, I will enquire how best to do this, perhaps the Brazilian distributor can help here.


Thank you. I´ll try this


Hi Irineu,
cool idea to use HOHNER posters for your coffee shops. As Steve suggested please get in contact with HOHNER’s distribution partner in Brazil. Here the contact data:

Proshows Comercio De Eletro-Electronicos S.A.
Rua Anchieta 48
93212-730 Sapucaia Do Sul - R.S.