Teachers Accordion Vallenato in Germany? (Corona / Rey del Vallenato / Compadre)


I lived in Colombia an there I bought a “Hohner Rey de Vallenato Accordion”. I took classes to play Vallenato music. Now, back in Germany i can not find any teacher who knows how to play/teach this instrument (I am living in the south of Germany in the region of Karlsruhe).

I prefer taking classes face to face and not just to learn from youtube tutorials. As well I am not a big supporter of Virtual-/ Online-classes.

It would be great if anybody do have a tip/hint or an idea how to keep going on playing this kind of accordion in Germany. Or does even somebody of you plays a Corona, Rey del Vallenato or Compadre?

Thank you and best regards!

I play the Rey del Vallenato, and i strongly recommend taking an online course, i seriously think it’s the only option available.
I guess it’s pretty much like trying to find someone who teaches how to play german folk music here in Colombia. I don’t think there’s many…

Hola Airlejandra,

super that you are as well playing “Rey de Vallenato”! And thanks a lot for your answer and tip! :slight_smile: Finally I found a profesor who can handle and teach the diatonic acordion. So at the moment I am learning german folkmusic on a “Rey de Vallenato” because the Vallenato music here is nearly unknown. Can you imagine that? I thought because Hohner is offering the “Rey de Vallento”, Corona III etc. acordions here in Germnay there also will be people who buys and plays them. But it seems that’s not the case. I have the impression that the diatonic acordion is dying out in Germnay while in Colombia it is still a “boom” and played by many young people.

Anyway, it is a great instrument and we have fun playing it! :slight_smile: Muchos saludos!