The Hohner "Jimmy Shand" Morino accordion


In my recent travels around the internet, I heard about one of the great Scottish accordion players, Jimmy Shand. Upon further investigation, I found that rather than playing the usual button diatonic accordion used in traditional folk music, Shand played a chromatic button accordion. It’s said that he was the first Hohner signature model artist and that he played his Hohner Morino all his life.
Here is an interesting photo with two great looking accordions:

There are some other photos on his website too.
Perhaps someone has some more information on these two models, or Jimmy’s signature Morino model?


I came across another reference to the Jimmy Shand Morino button accordion. Apparently the treble side was diatonic with different notes on the push and pull. But he had 96 bass buttons that were more like that found on a chromatic/piano accordion, each note on the push/pull being the same. I do not know if it was a stradella or free bass system however.