Thriift Store Find HG 370?

So yes I just got this at a thrift store last week. It is in almost mint condition, but I cannot find much info on these. I think these were part of the Martin lawsuit and were handmade in Japan but it just says “Made in Japan” Serial # 8006503

That looks like a 700 series. You should see a model number inside on the square label. You can see a 370 on the vintage Hohners group in Facebook or in the Hohners owner group on TDPRI.

Thank you I looked again as the label is a bit faded and you are correct it is an HG 700

You are welcome. I have been looking at some old Hohner stuff. Here is some information on it. You found a very nice guitar.

Parameter Details
Type Auditorium
Top Semi-solid spruce top
Side Mahogany laminate
Back Mahogany laminate
Binding White and Black celluloid
Tuners Chrome
Nut Plastic
Saddle Plastic
Bridge Mahogany
Neck Mahogany – One-piece, steel reinforced adjustable
Fretboard Rosewood with pearloid position markers
Bracing Standard X-bracing
Original MSRP $260
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