Tobacco Hohner LP Serial Number

Hey, can anyone tell me when and where my new axe was made?
Serial#: 76920
Also, is there a page that breaks down these serial numbers so they can be interpreted by humans?


Nice looking guitar. How does it sound?

Hi! Unfortunately, very little information is available on guitars. Have you checked the list on our website?
Breaking down the serials is different for each model. The first step is the list above. Where you see that the LP model was made in 80ies and 90ies. And that’s the closest information I can get you at his point. Sorry.

It sounds fantastic.

If this is similar to other lawsuit era guitars, it appears its the 920th guitar from 1976. That’s my experience.

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Awesome… I’ll take that answer. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your work but unfortunately that list has wrong info
i have seen one sheet of original document might be stored somewhere else? wondered why you said my GT3 was LH
majority were RH.

You definitely got a point here. What I am assuming is that this list is not complete and there was a left handed and a right handed version of that GT model. Do the other features in the list match the giutar you have?

Here is the list

not much info on wood used so refer back to your list.
sadly accordion/piano player Bob Jones 97 died few weeks ago
he loved entertaining people.
Hope this helps kristin i must get on with special 20 marine band practice and do have listen to billy gibbons big bad blues album.

Thanks for the list.
Haha. Cool. “New items Jan 1989”. This list is almost as old as I am. A museum piece :joy:
I’ll try to integrate it.