TrueFire Harmonica Styles Guidebook

Steven Troch’s Harmonica Styles Guidebook examines some of the techniques and stylings of eight iconic harmonica players: Sonny Boy Williamson II, Bob Dylan, George Harmonica Smith, Jimmy Reed, Charlie McCoy, Big Walter Horton, Sonny Terry, and Little Walter.

The course is made for Intermediate* players and its aim is to help develop each player’s skill-set and progress their playing to the next level.

Phrasing, sense of timing, how to use octave playing and harmony splits, thrills and shakes and bending in the higher register. All these concepts will be discussed and demonstrated as we play our way through the course.

Performance :
Breakdown :

Steven will explain and demonstrate all of the key concepts and approaches along the way. You’ll get standard notation and tabs for the guitar parts, PLUS you’ll get harmonica tab for the harmonica performances. You’ll be able to use TrueFire’s learning tools to sync the tab and notation to the video and can also loop or slow down the videos to work with the lessons at your own pace. All the backing tracks are included to work with on your own as well.

***Intermediate player **
You can bend 4 and 2 holes but your 3 hole bend is still a little tricky
You can play simple melodies
You know the difference between 1st and 2nd postion
You the know 12 bar blues structure but you are not entirely sure which notes apart from the root notes work best

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