Trying to identify year and model of Hohner Chromatica

Can someone please help me identify the Hohner Chromonica from the photos that I have uploaded? Trying to identify the model, approximate year, possible value - anything that would help me to get a better idea of what I have. Thank you (I am only allowed to post one photo)

Your instrument is a Hohner Chromatica. According to the list I have, the Chromatica without slide button was produced in 1921. I assume from the construction that it was intended as a student instrument. Old harmonicas are usually not that valuable, but you can always try advertising it on Ebay and see what comes up. Hope that helps.
PS: First time posters are only permitted one photo, but subsequently you can post more if the first post was accepted.

thank you for the information. would it be helpful to post some additional photos?

Not really, there’s not much more I could glean from it!