Up To Date Harmonica

Old Up To Date M Hohner with flare on topside. Not much information found on it, bought for my mom at an auction with box. Pictures are of harmonica and numbers on box it came in, not sure if original box but extremely old and feels like wood if that helps! Thank you in advance for any wisdom on this!

Very cool instrument! The “mouse ear” lugs on the sides of the cover suggest this is old. Hohner released quite a large number of different harmonicas under the Up To Date name. According to my list, The Up To Date Surprise with two arches on the covers was manufactured for export between 1895 and 1920.

That is awesome! Around the date ranges I coule dig up, but not information at all about the “mouse ears” style. Everything I’ve been able to research always comes back to either the Marine one, or a standard stule. Hopefully will be able to getmoreon the history of the design and how common/rare it may be. It is the only one I’ve seen, the few I found wereon ebay with no information and either no box, or mewerboxbased on aging.

Two useful sources of information are Deutsches Harmonika Museum, Martin Häffner (harmonika-museum@t-online.de), or Pat Missin (patmissin.com). You could mail them photos and ask their opinion.

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Thank you! Will def reach out to them.