Very old Hohner help please

Hello everyone.
Thanks for having me on the forum.
A friend of mine has asked me for help with getting some more information on a Hohner miniature chromatique echo accordion that he inherited from his father (who inherited from his father?).

He has the accordion, but no more information about it, so all would be gratefully received.
I have a feeling that he isn’t going to learn to use it, and so if anyone also has an idea of its value, that could be very helpful too please.
Many thanks.
All the best,
PS I have two more pics, but am being told that as a newbie I can only put one here

Hi Mark,

I’ve passed on your enquiry to Hohner Accordion product management and will let you know what they say. In the case of very old instruments like this, however, there may be no surviving documentation. Try posting a couple more pics if you can, that may make it easier to identify,


Hi Steve

Thanks ever so much for your help.
I have two more photos here, but can go and see the man to take more specific pics if that helps Hohner.

All the best

I’ll pass the photos on, but it may take a few days to get a response.

Thanks so much Steve :pray:t4: