Video on Layerswing Harmonica App

Here the URL to Dan’s introductory video about the Layerswing Harmonica App. A useful tool to explore tunings, modes and intonation as well as many other aspects of contemporary harmonica.


Wow! Multi featured! Important functions.

I’ll give it a try. I hope it performs well.

It’s pretty complex, but really covers a lot of ground. Do let us know how you get along with it!

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When I started to check it out, I found out it’s a subscription. I was expecting an app to purchase or one with advertising.

I’m still contemplating making monthly payments.

Everything is being financialized. I try to keep my overhead low. Payments are like slavery.

Unfortunately everything seems to be going this way. However, Dan has clearly invested a lot of time and energy creating this program and as a software developer this is presumably the payment method he’s accustomed to using.

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