What are the musical styles that you most play? And what are your favorite harmonicas for each style?


What are the musical styles that you most play?
And what are your favorite harmonicas for each style?


I like to play my Armonica with latin music and is very easy to play with a Mariner Band Hohner…This kind of music has too much styles like: boleros, bossa nova, tropical rhytms and folklore… If you want to play with efects of sound, is better to play with a Silver Star of Hohner…


I play a wide range of styles including blues, rock, funk, folk, country, reggae and pop. I play everything on Hohner Marine Band Deluxe or Crossover harps. I don’t really subscribe to the view that some models are better than others for particular styles, a good harp is a good harp. The only exception to this is if you want to play single note jazz melodies in different keys. Then you may want to try a Golden Melody, as the tempered tuning means it’s easier to play in tune with other instruments.
So in my opinion, the best approach is to find a model that you really like and then learn to play the styles you’re interested in on it. Whatever you want to play, I definitely recommend a high quality instrument such as a Hohner Marine Band, Special 20 or Rocket.


:sorriso: Wow! Very interesting your vision given your great experience. It’s great to be able to learn from people who really know what they’re talking about! Thanks @SteveBaker


Thanks for the Portuguese translation Fabio :+1:


My favorite harmonica is the Marine Band Deluxe. I only have one Marine Band Deluxe, so if the key isn’t G (2nd position), then I’ve got one Rocket Low F and many Special 20’s and other harps in the other keys.

I play da blues, country, folk, rock and gospel.

God bless harmonicas, Hohner & Steve Baker.


For Western Country & Folk music I’m using Hohner Diatonic Marine Band Regular, Blue’s Harp, Pro Harp, Meisterklasse 580,Thunderbird & Crossover… Seydel Blue’s Session, Suzuki Bluesmaster, Manji & Overdrive… Generally I use them for Rhythm… For Western Classical and Jazz patterns I use Hohner Meisterklasse 7565 14 Hole’s Chromatic and 16 Hole’s Chromonica 280 c… I haven’t tried Seydel steel reeds Diatonic Harmonica as yet… I’ve heard it and I’m not satisfied with Steel reed’s… When I began playing my first 3 Diatonic Harmonicas in 1977…Two of them were Hohner Golden Melody and one was from Thorens… They all were made up of Brass reed’s… It’s a matter of individual preference… My most desired ones in Diatonic harmonicas are Hohner Marine Band Classic, Thunderbird and Crossover… Authentic Resonance like no other’s that I’ve trialled according to my mediocre playability…


I drift from jazz standards to show tunes, to folk and traditional, where I am now. For the jazz and pop tunes I favor my chromatics, a CX-12 and a 270. For the traditional and folk I used diatonics, Marine Band and Golden Melody until about three years ago when I discovered how good these sound on a tremolo. I have Hohner Echo 48, a Weekender, and two Echo Celestes. If you occasionally play folk, traditional, or hymns, I commend the tremolo harmonica to you. There are two popular tunings, each with their respective advantages, and once you nail the embouchure (given the note layout) they’re great fun to play.