What mic and what kind of rig do you play with?

I use the Shure 520DX through a 68 Fender Tube amp. Micd to PA. Very Warm and Clean.

I am now using the new Harp Blaster HB52 microphone from Hohner and sE Electronics. I’ve been playing this mic for the last 6 weeks and absolutely love it, to the point where I’ve retired my previous favorite custom mic with vintage Shure Controlled Reluctance element even though it’s a great tool. I mostly play through Marble Amps, I have a small version (Marble Max) which I use for recording or acoustic gigs, and a larger one (Marble Bluesonic w. 1x 12" Weber Alnico), which I play with my electric band. I also have a custom Fender Bassman, but it’s too heavy to lug around :wink:

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Cool, my friend worked with Leo and he has G&L gear pre cbs gear. Custom Fender! Wow. Could you possibly send a pic of your stuff. My 68 is Fender stock that CBS changed face plate after 65 Take over. love the tube sound!

Also Mr Baker is there a cordless mic system for harp ?

As far as I know there isn’t a dedicated system for harmonica, but there are many options for wireless systems into which you can plug the output from your mic, same as with guitar. However, some of them appear to change the sound a bit, whichever instrument you’re using them for.

The custom Bassman I mentioned is a standard Reissue Bassman from the mid 1990s which was modified by the Tube Amp Doctor here in Germany so that all components correspond to the original 1952 Fender Bassman (not the usual 1953 model). At least, that’s what they told me. It was their demonstration model but I managed to talk them into selling it to me. It’s a great amp, but for my current requirements, my Marble Amps sound excellent and fit my needs better in terms of size, weight and volume.

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Very cool :sunglasses: and thanks for the heads up! I will be looking to get a blaster soon. Luv you’re rig run down :muscle:. Neada harp pick up?

I play with an SM57 mic - modified with volume knob and correct impedance, through a Fender Blues Deluxe amp (also modified). The best trick I’ve learned is to switch the preamp tubes from 12AX7 (which have high gain, good for guitar) to something lower (better for harp). The dedicated Hohner Hoodoo Amp does this. It has a 12AU7 preamp valve.
The reason it’s good is you can drive the amp for the sound you want without feedback/too much volume. Some amps don’t sound their best till turned up. But that doesn’t always work playing amplified harmonica.


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Nice, thanks for your time and consideration. I’m a big fan of tube amps. Real gear from the guys who make it! :+1::microphone:

I’m sure that’ll sound great Tony. I have an Ultimate 57 from Greg Heumann which I played for years, it also has high-Z output signal and a good volume control. I realised however that today’s SM57 elements don’t sound the same as the previous model Shure Unidyne, these have a grittier sound. Fender Blues Deluxe is a good harp amp in my experience too. The thing with using 12AU7 preamp tubes is that it depends on what kind of sound you’re looking for, your playing style and how tightly you cup harp and mic. For me the lower gain tubes cause the sound to break up too easily, so I get along better with a 12AX7, as I prefer a clean sound which I can better control through my enclosure. Another important factor is whether a player tongue blocks or not, with TB it’s easier to get a tighter enclosure and use this to drive the amp.

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