What was the first harmonica song that drove you crazy?


McAbee’s Railroad Piece by: Palmer McAbee

Joe Filisko


Little Stevie Wonder Fingertips II.


Walter Horton Easy :blush:


Stevie Wonder’s Finger Tips initially, and any blues harmonica music now. It took me 40 years to start playing and i’m having fun teaching my grandchildren how to play simple chords. Love your website and all the lessons I can get.



The first record I heard that inspired me when learning to play in 1969 was the version of Willie Dixon’s “Spoonful” on Wheels Of Fire by Cream. The song is in E and the harmonica part is really simple. I was trying to play it on a C harp in hole 2 draw/blow. The notes were right but the sound was wrong, then I figured out that if I played it in 3- & 2-draw, the sound was right although it was in the key of G instead of E. That’s how I discovered Cross Harp / 2nd Position…


Room to Move by John Mayall.


i picked up an album for elmore james dust my broom but had john brim as well a great pair of tracks Be careful what you do and you got me where you want me. believe its willie dixon can agree with steve baker on that one. so i was off to buy my marine band special 20 foolishly thinking i would be able to play it haha Thanks to steve for all the work and tips mainly the thunderbird love the tone.


Thanks Grip353, glad you love the T-Bird!


played william clarke last night great. i am always looking for new artists to listen too. thanks


MI primer intento de tocar la armonica, fue con la canción «The love is a splendored thing» realmente maravilloso como entraban y salían las notas de esta hermosa canción en en el año de 1964.desde ese momento me enamoré del sonido de la armonica en C Mariner Band. Y ahora en el 2019 disfruto mucho interpretando canciones del repertorio universal. Muchas gracias…Jorge Enrique…


what a great topic from marcoscoll thanks


Mine was Peg O’ My Heart, the 1947 hit from the Harmonicats. It played often at Ralf’s Supermarket which was the center of our little town in Minnesota. I was about 4 or 5 years old but we always danced down the aisles to it. Ralf always had shopping music playing for the customers. There was a lot of accordian music and all being played back then. I don’t know if anyone remember Lawrence Welk but he was like a King back then. Haha! Wunnerful, wunnerful!


Mine is “Ain’t Goin’ Down (Til the Sun Comes Up)” by Garth Brooks. Not only was his voice fantastic in it, but the blues harp in it was killer!


An Australian band called Chain, great band, then any harmonica in any song. Not strictly on topic but I am hooked on this instrument.