What was the first harmonica song that drove you crazy?


As its my first topic…ill start from the beggining LOL…the first song featuring a harmonica that catched my attention was All my Love in Vain by Sonny Boy Williamson,and also and i guess like many people,Room to Move by John Mayall,it was a big hit ,so you it was easier to hear it on the radio etc and for me was a great start to be willing to hear more and more


My first song was Trouble no More by Muddy Waters with Little Walter on the harmonica…still make me crazy today!! Killer tune!!!


The first song that drove me crazy was Telephone Blues by George Harmonica Smith
But the song that drove me craziest is Blowing the Family Jewels by William Clarke I gues


Those are killer tunes too!!! Amazing!!!


It wasn’t a particular song for me - it was happening upon the Dobre Rano blues band on the Charles Bridge in Prague. Once I’d heard that harmonica live I was doomed!


Blues Brothers - She Caught the Katy


“Face the Face” from Pete Townshends solo “Album White City: A Novel” (1985). This is not blues, but I just love the way the harmonica gets off together with the brass section.


I believe it was “Eyesight to the blind” by Sonny Boy 2. Of course I l tried to listen and learn all I could find by him.


And, I totally forgot: “That’s why they call it the blues” from Elton John with Stevie Wonder playing the harmonica. I was so fascinated by the solo, that I immediately bought a Chromonica 64.


I saw Larry Adler on TV playing with lightning fast speed in perfect harmony note for note a solo on his 16 hole Hohner Chromonica the theme from “The Lone Ranger” I knew eventually I would buy a Hohner Chromonica Super 64 for playing blues with swing.


Both sides of Palmer McAbee’s 1928 Victor recording, “Lost Boy Blues” and “McAbee’s Railroad Piece” Still two of my most favorite sides to this day. Joe Filisko


It was " We shall overcome" - attracted me first and also a song of Tagore " Anandaloke " .


When I heard Big Walter Horton playing “Trouble In Mind” on the radio, in beginning of the 70s i started crying. I was that moved of what I heard. I have never heard anything like it! Still today it moves me when I play it. Another was Sonny Boy Williamson’s " Trust My Baby". I do still listen to them both, among others of course, but the both of them made life changing imprint on me.
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Helo friends,
This is my first post , I guess the first song I listen on the radio was a little walter song ,Juke. it just blew my mind , I was living in the country side in the south of Chile , somebody gave me a cassette so it was an old tape. The rest is history , I’m still trying to figure it out some things from Little walter I guess. Best regards folks


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My first post as well. When I listened to Whopping the blues by Sonny Terry, I think I was freaked out. But I actually guess that in fact they were two the songs that have impacted on me from the beginning. The other one was, of course, Rocking my Boogie. Walter Horton is probably who has stronger influnced me, until today!


Amacing Graze, ( G )Crossover

Jambalaya dito

Blues, Folk Country in original Tonarten oft nach You Tube.


The first song that made me crazy was J.J Milteau’s “The Sailor and Maid”, I spent hours studying to pick up speed.


Cotton’s creeper creeps again. Still dont have it memorized. switched to juke and havr that one conquered. May come back to creeper but willl be uohill battle.


I also love that song…jj milteau was one of the first top players that i saw live,when we brought him to play in Santiago and he blew our heads!his album routes is a great example of the harmonica played in many difetent styles.


Long time ago.
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