Where do you find music for a G Harmonica?


How do I find music to play on my G harmonica?


Hi Laura,
Any tabs written for the home key of a diatonic harmonica will work for you. If you play a song tabbed in D for a D diatonic harmonica on your G harmonica, you’ll get the correct melody. However on your G harmonica, it will be in G. There are thousands of tabbed songs free on the internet scored this way, usually in C.

If you’re sight-reading standard notation, your choices are to buy the sheet music in G, manually transpose to G, or enter the notes in a notation program and have it transpose to G. Some online sheet music vendors offer transposed downloads for some songs. If you’re playing a G diatonic I strongly suggest you look at the tabs. They work on any key of diatonic harmonica and as I said there are thousands of songs free.
Good Luck,