Which brand of harmonica do you like best?

I prefer wooden comb harps for the same reason. The holes are ever so slightly wider. That makes it easier for me to play. I’m a Hohner player myself. I have Hohner Blues Harp and Marine Band 1896.



My first harmonica was a Hohner Special 20. I also have a Hohner Crossover and a Hohner Ozzy Osbourne. I was never that fond of the Crossover, but I do like the other two.

I only play children’s songs / nursery rhymes, Christmas songs, and pop songs at this point in time.
I’m NOT musically inclined, but when I was retired early, learning a musical instrument was at the top of my list of things to do! My whole career had been about programming and money, so I really felt that it was time for me to get some new hobbies (my other one is reading horror stories in French, since I was pretty good at reading French in high school. Google Translate really helps with that!).

I’ve avoided getting any kind of blues-specific harmonica, since playing the blues don’t appeal to me.

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Based on your musical tastes, you might consider a Golden Melody. Hohner uses a slightly different tuning appropriate to single note melodies. I also would recommend upgrading the comb; there are third party options that improve the tightness.

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Thanks for the recommendations, Jaya! I’m definitely going to look into that harmonica!

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Hi Rich,

though many people use harmonicas such as the Blues Harp, Special 20 or Marine Band models to play blues or rock, this kind of harmonica was actually not specifically developed to play that style, it just happens to work well for it. There’s really no such thing as a blues-specific harmonica. If you play the type of material you mention, however, you may also want to consider trying one of the octave or tremolo tuned models such as the Comet or Echo. Check out the website for more info.

Don, if you own a bunch of Marine Band 1896s and get along well with them, you’re fine. This isn’t being “harmonica poor”, you’ve acquired a set of legendary instruments which I hope will serve you well for a long time to come :smile: :ok_hand: :+1:

Thanks so much for the advice, Steve! I will definitely look into those harmonicas as well! (Actual purchases may have to wait for a while :frowning:

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