Which is your first harmonica?

Hi all,
My first harmonica is hohner chromatic 257, I found it on a website… but it didn’t have a good spoonbill haha :grinning: :grinning: :joy: :joy:

At that time, I don’t know what is chromatic or hohner, nobody tell me about the harmonica culture, At that, I learn chromatic by myself for a year. On day at last, hohner is came into my life. Although I’m a middle school student from China, I can also read some essay here. It makes me very exciting. Then I bought a discover-48 and a ACE-48 in the next year of study. I hope I can play chromatic well in the future. Now, coronavirus is spreading outside, many people killed by the virus. So I hope all of people in here can stay safe.
Thank you!

Hi LuiMengchen,

wellcome to the forum! Sounds like you’re acquired a couple of good instruments, I hope that learning to play them will make this difficult time pass more easily. You can always ask here if you have any questions.

Keep playing and say safe!

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Thank you, Steve,
Yeah, playing music is really a good way to relieve pressure. Durning the quarantine, many people in China felt so anxiety and nervous, but some of them found the harmonica, they can also know hohner as well. Keep in touch and stay safe.

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