Who are still using Hohner Diatonic XB 40?

I am using Hohner XB 40 in 2 Different Keys…Who else are still Playing it?

There’s no more hohner technical support for XB40. I have twice too. C snd A.

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Hola to Osvaldo from Lohbrügge in Hamburg,Germany…
This is the most awesome Diatonic from Hohner…By the way Oswaldo My wife is of Puerto Rican Origin…Born and raised in South Bronx N.Y. and living in Long Island. Si,Let me keep to Harmonicas as General Topic…Thus the Moderator gets annoyed at me… :rofl: Oh! and I do not give Damn to Brendan X Power Bender and Turbo Harps…
Nice that you Play Several… I got only in Bb and dB cause its suites my playing pattern…:smiley:

I have 4 XB 40s
Keys: C D G A
It is an unusual and different instrument, but fun to play.
Oddly, it is almost harder NOT to bend a note with these things.
Hohner should reissue these things.
But, the cases are poorly made and tear easily.

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That’s Impressive to have XB 40s in Keys of C D G and A and Its not only the substandard case…Hohner have had plenty of other problems regarding some of their Chromonica 280 c 16 hole series including myself and their poorly made Bluesband Series from China ripping off unknown Harmonica enthusiasts…While offering low price in set of various Keys…Inferior Quality Control it seems…But though I reside in Germany their after sale & service Team reacted promptly…I assume that Hohner will not reissue the XB 40 Model anymore…What went between them and Rick…I have no Idea…Brendan Power or whatever is also producing some X Bending Diatonics…But I only enjoy playing Hohner Products…Because that’s what I began in 1977…

Welcome to the forum fryan!
The XB 40 was discontinued after about 10 years because it was expensive to manufacture and failed to sell enough to warrant keeping it in the catalogue. Had the decision been mine to make, I would have kept it in the program, it’s a unique instrument. Before it was introduced, I warned that players would probably need about 10 years to really figure out how to deal with it, and events have shown that was a realistic assessment. I’m glad that people are enjoying playing them!


I believe that Chicago’s James Conway still plays the XB40.

He certainly was the last time I saw him :wink:

Hello, Oswaldo If you have problem with Hohner XB 40 Spare parts…Then you can go tohttp://www.hohner-cshop.de/en/home/ to purchase the Spare Parts…As for fixing and servicing you have to either send it to your nearest Hohner repairing and servicing department or take the trouble to inquire at Hohner’s Heads office in Trossingen…

For further Detail…Please Ask Mr Steve Baker…Who will Promptly answer to your queries related to Hohner Harmonica…

Have a Nice Day
regards from Roy