William Clarke: what a great harmonica player


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As I am new here on this topic site this topic
I want youto take this a little hint to take the time to listen to my all time favorite player: William Bill Clarke. I bought my first Clarke LP aprox. 1985 ( Tip of the top, it was)
I had the privilege to meet him twice in Holland.
This guy has a huge influence on my own playing these days.
As after he passed away in 1996 I did not hear anybody with a sound or timing like William Clarke in the West Coast blues scene.
The best tracks I think are on: Tip of the top and Live in Germany, but there are so many more fine tunes.
For me personal :William Clarke is gone but will be never forgotten !!!
Regards and enjoy the music of this great harmonica player/singer.

Harpman PT


Thanks for the reminder, he certainly was one of the all time great harp players. His final album The Hard Way, released shortly before his death in 1996, is also very good and pays tribute (among other things) to the saxophone players who inspired much of his phrasing. RIP Bill Clarke, gone but not forgotten!


William Bill Clarke playing the blues using his Super 64 Great Indeed!


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Great album and song , also listen to the song “Greasy Gravy” you’ll love it.

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You are right HarpmanPT, loved hearing “Greasy Gravy” and the way William Clarke tongue blocks those double octaves on his Hohner super 64 chromatic! Also love his tribute to the legendary king of the Hohner super 64 chromatic player “George Harmonica Smith!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPE1XqxM0ws


Hi Rusty,

Just another little advice, listen the album “live in Germany”. (Wow !!!)

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William Clarke was a killer player. Check out the Chromatic Jump.


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Yes, sure a great tune.

Do you know, was William Clarke supported by Hohner at the time?
This as I see in 2013 in Trossingen at the World festival that there were some photo’s of the man used by Hohner.

Check also : Ticket West promo on You Tube.

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Hey Harpman,
yes William Clarke was a supported HOHNER artist.
Best Richard


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Thanks everybody for responding on my William Clarke topic,
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