Harps for first responders! Fire fighters

I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California lake almanor. Fire fighters from across the US have come to protect this area known as gods country. The men and women of the HotShots and forestry depts deploy from helicopters either by skydiving or trucks to the middle of hell fire! They can be on site for long periods of time. They have no room for entertainment devices . I have handed out a few harps to these guys and they love to play them to relax and keep up spirits

. If you would like to donate new used harmonicas they would be greatly appreciated. Please help it’s a great cause! Please let me know if I should give address . Thank you brothers
and sisters of the harp!

Hi, Michael-5,
I live in the northern Rockies of Montana. I have 2 almost new diatonic harps to donate. Where should I send them? I bought them and used them once or twice in my quest to find the chromatic harp I now love.

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Mike Davis pobox 1922 Chester ca96020 thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Hi, Mike,
I’ll have them in the mail this week. Sorry to be so late to respond.

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