Hohner Crossover the best in Class?

I use Meriane band, blues ,Sp 20s and know Crossovers.Some Reason the
20s play bullet proof live love the new Crossovers though. What’s your preference?

I was closely involved in the development of the Crossover, so I can’t claim to be impartial, but I love it. In terms of sound, playability and ease of servicing, it’s hard to beat. I’m also a big fan of the Marine Band Deluxe and use the two models interchangeably. The standard Marine Band 1896 is a great harmonica too and the comb is now sealed, so it isn’t as prone to swelling as it was in earlier times. I don’t play them as much as Deluxe & Crossover, because the screw together assembly of these models makes them much more service friendly and I prefer the slightly rounded channel openings. The Special 20 is as you say a workhorse and very comfortable to play.

I agree with Steve all the way! JFilisko

Love them all I do really love the crossover.