Hohner Guitar Model and Serial


I have a strat model 3 single white Hohner professional ST Special electric guitar. The serial number is 893437. Is it possible to know which year it is made and where it is made?


Do you have any pictures? I didn’t even know Hohner made guitars…Is it diatonic or chromatic? Just kidding I hope you find someone who can help you !!! GL


Hey soogar,

That’s a very nice guitar model. The instrument with the serial number 893437 was made in 1989 in Korea.

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hi kristin can tell me any info on my hohner G3T guitar 8854547.
i need to clean the serfice plastic coating whats the best thing to use?
thanks for your time

Hey! Of course! The G3T is a left-handed electric guitar. ; body: Californian solid maple through neck: Californian maple with Indian rosewood fingerboard; 24 nickel silver frets; colour: black; 3 Select designed by EMG; 2 single coil size, 1 humbucker size; vol/tone; 3 mini switches: on/off; push/pull for Vintage-Blend-Sound; black hardware, Steinberger; fine-tuning-bridge; tremolo with trem-lock
The model with the serial number 8854547 was manufactured in 1988.
You can clean it with any non-agressive surface cleaner.

mine is right handed only one previous owner from new he covered top with tartan pattern sticker probably plastic coating looked bad dull patches?
great info on woods used needed to know. glad i got this and not horrible kits that are on sale. thanks again for info very helpful

Hi Kristin,

Just wondering if you could give me any info on my Hohner Telecaster Deluxe number 851540 please?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Kristin, I just got my grandma’s Contessa HG 05 serial 13003. Could you tell me more about it?

Hi Kristin, I’m new to the site. We ( my guy and I) have a white Hohner ST Special electric guitar. It’s in great shape and sounds really classic. It was handed down from the family over 25 years ago. We don’t know if it was purchased new or used, but the sticker is still on the neck at $329.00. I am assuming this is a nicer model than some? The serial # is 8931580. I noticed that there is an extra digit in that number. We were wondering what you could tell us about it. We’ve been trying to find out for a long time. Thanks! :grinning:

Hi Simon. That Telecaster is from 1985. However, there were sevaral Telecasters in the Hohner assortment and things are not documented well. So I am not quite sure which one you have. Sorry.

Hi chocobot. Your HG 05 model is from 1981 and it was made in Japan.

Hi Momatomic. Welcome to the Hohner forum. You are lucky. On the Hohner ST Special I have some more information. The serial # 8931580 was made in 1989. Bolt on one-piece Canadian rock maple neck / Indian rosewood fingerboard; 22 nickel silver frets; colours: white (with maple neck), red, black, pinky (all with Rosewood neck); 3 HP single coil pickups GS-1; 5-way switch; vol/tone/tone; chrome hardware; graphite nut; deluxe machine heads; USA-Wings strings.

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Hi @Kristin !
Do you have any data of a Hohner St Special (Serial number 8812047)
Any data would be very appreciated!

Hi LautaroGTR. Specifications should be the same as mentioned above. The serial number indicates that your guitar was made in 1988 in Korea.

Hi Kristin, can you please tell me about L59 8901091? Where was it made, what year etc? Thanks very much.

Hello. I just traded for a hohner les paul copy. Its a gloss black finish, with what appears to be mop fretboard and headstock inlays. Serial number is 76806. Would like to know the model and year.

I have a Hohner Strat white / cream - SN 8818610. I would appreciate knowing more. Thanks for your help

Looking for info on a model called “Ebony Lady” with a serial number 92844. It is like the HS-35 es-335 style but has neck binding with fret-nibs, oval fingerboard inlays and the vertical headstock logo. Exactly like this one mentioned by Bucky Barrett on Twitter: https://twitter.com/buckybarrett/status/893229567258882048
Thanks so much for any leads!

Hello, I have Hohner Professional ST 57. Serial number 8711651. Can you give me specs and info on it? Thanks

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I just became a proud owner of two headless leftys, a G3T and B2A. Would love to know where they came from. serials are 900128 and C102594.

P.S. does anybody know where I can get a replacement battery cover for the B2A, mine is missing.