Hohner Guitar Model and Serial


I have a Hohner Telecaster. It’s a custom, with Fender Humbuckers, and also has a Bigsby style trem fitted. There is nothing on the headstock (Hohner shaped) but 5061 and the Hohner ‘H’ on the truss rod cover. This is also on the heel plate along with the serial no 22923. I guess it dates from the mid 1970s but any light you can shine on this model would be much appreciated!


Hi Jeremy. There were sevaral Telecasters in the Hohner assortment and things are not documented well. It’s a shame.


Hey dno!

Here is what I have on the G3T:
left-handed; body: Californian solid maple through neck: Californian maple with Indian rosewood fingerboard; 24 nickel silver frets; colour: black; 3 Select designed by EMG; 2 single coil size, 1 humbucker size; vol/tone; 3 mini switches: on/off; push/pull for Vintage-Blend-Sound; black hardware, Steinberger; fine-tuning-bridge; tremolo with trem-lock.
The model with the serial number 900128 was made in 1990.

This is some information on the B2A FL. Could that be the one you have?
headless bass; body: Californian solid maple; through neck: Californian maple with ebonol fingerboard; fretless; colour: black; 2 Select, designed by EMG; bass humbucker; active tone control, on/off; vol/vol/tone: treble/bass; black hardware, Steinberger; Fine-Tuning-Bridge
The model with the serial number C102594 was made in 1991.


Hey Sidney,
I also found some infos for you on the ST57:
body: Californian solid maple; 22 nickel silver frets; bolt on one-piece Canadian; rock maple neck; colour: 2-tone sunburst; 3 HP single coil pickups GS-1; 5-way switch; vol/tone/tone; chrome hardware; graphite nut; deluxe machine heads; USA-Wings strings.
You sereial number model 8711651 was made in 1987.


Thanks for the research. The Bass isnt fretless but close enough.


Thank you, truly appreciate the info. It’s plability is superb, I liked it so much a brought A acoustic Hohner that I saw in a pawn shop.


if you have played your G3T do any of the pick up’s seem low volume.
when i switch just the bridge pickup on, a lot lower than other’s.
i like play ability rather than heavy les paul copy i have.
if i see battery cover i’ll let you know never seen one for sale?


Hey Kristin, jumping on the bandwagon a bit here. Would you be able to tell me anything about my Hohner Countryman with serial number 053734? My wife found it in a second hand shop, and it’s lovely, but I’d like to know a bit more about it, including year of manufacture.


hi kristin, i have a hohner professional st special s im looking for some info on please. serial number is 8723440 and its a black strat, 3 ply pickguard (also black) SSS Configuration with maple neck and fretboard. i don’t know if all that info was necessary but any help would be great :slight_smile:


Hi Palmer. The info on the ST Special S I have is the following: body: Californian solid maple; bolt on one-piece Canadian rock maple neck; 22 nickel silver frets; colour: black; 3 HP single coil pickups GS-1; 5-way switch; vol/tone/tone; gold hardware; graphite nut; deluxe machine heads; USA-Wings strings.
The model with the serial number 8723440 was made in 1987.


Hi Matty. The model name “Countryman” causes some confusion from time to time as there has been a single guitar model called “Countryman” and whole guitar series also know under the technical abbreviation HW300. From the sereial number 053734 I guess you are referring to the HW300 series. It has the following specs: Body Shape Dreadnought; Body Type Hollowbody ;Body Construction Acoustic; Body Top Wood Mahogany; Body Wood Mahogany; Bridge Rosewood; Neck Wood Mahogany; Neck Joint Dovetail; Fingerboard Material Rosewood; Number of Frets 20; Fingerboard Inlays Dot; Hardware Chrome; Number of Strings 6; Tuners Die-cast; String Nut; Finish Gloss; Finish Satin.
Year of manufactrue for sereial number 053734 is 1995.


I’d still really appreciate knowing more about this. I’m not sure there is any other way for me to find out.


Sorry, for the delayed reply…
I don’t notice any low volume issues when swiching pickups.
No need for a battery cover, bass got Sold.


Hi Kristin

ive got a Hohner ST special S strat copy with a serial 8825146

wondering on the year, country of manufacture, specs, approximate value… etc.

any info would be greatly appreciated!
thanks so much!


Hey Kristin, I see you are a HOHNER employee :slight_smile: Could you help by telling me where I can find the serial number on my Hohner electric guitar? I have looked everywhere, or so it seems, but have found no numbers or letters :confused:


Can I ‘retweet’ my request as I haven’t heard anything? I have a Hohner Strat white / cream - SN 8818610. I would appreciate knowing more. Thanks for your help


Hey John. Sorry, for overseeing your request. There have been serveral stratocasters in the assortment. Do you have a model code/description? From the serial number I can only conclude that this guitar was built in 1988. Kristin


Hi Teo. You should find the serial number of an electric guitar on the neck either on a small sticker badge or on a metal plate. Maybe the sticker has come loose over the years and got lost? :frowning:


Hi alloymusic. Here, I have some information on the ST Special S: body: Californian solid maple; bolt on one-piece Canadian rock maple neck; 22 nickel silver frets; colour: black; 3 HP single coil pickups GS-1; 5-way switch; vol/tone/tone; gold hardware; graphite nut; deluxe machine heads; USA-Wings strings. It was built form 1985 to 1990 in Korea. Your guitar with the serial number 8825146 was made in 1988. It’s a nice model. Take care! :slight_smile:


Hey Kristin once again :slight_smile:. Seems so :/. Is there a way for you to tell me something about the model at least? I believe the model is ”The Flame”, but I do not have any more information. I only know it once belonged to Frank Zappa and was probably bought in the USA. Any info you could give me would be very helpful. Thanks !