Hohner Guitar Model and Serial

Hello Kristin! I know you’re getting pounded by these requests, and I really appreciate you doing this.

Is there any way you can help me with some information on a guitar I just bought? It’s a headless, red “The Jack” 6-string guitar with the serial number: 8853284.

Any idea when/where it was made?

Hi Kristin can you tell us any thing about my The Hohner Professional TE Custom serial number 8934320. All the best Tanya

Hey Andra! The SG Lion was built from 1988 - 1994 in Korea. It was one of the premium models of the Hohner assortment with sales prices between 1.200 € and 1.400€ (prices at that time!). The guitar with the serial number 8854128 was made in 1988.

Hey Andy! Thanks… I try my very best. :slight_smile:
The Jack was a very popular Hohner model made from 1988 - end of the 90ies
Your guitar with the serial number: 8853284 was one of the first “Jacks” made in 1988 in Korea.

Hi Tanya,
Here is an excerpt from your archives from the TE Custom:

body: Californian solid maple; bolt on one-piece Canadian rock maple neck; 21 nickel silver frets; colour: black, transparent violet (until 1994), sunburst (from 1994 on); 2 HP single coil GS-11 + GS-12; 3-way switch; vol/tone; gold hardware; graphite nut; deluxe machine heads; standard TE-bridge; USA-Wings strings (Fender)

Your model with the serial 8934320 was made in 1989 in Korea.
Best regards,

Hey ! My mum bought an Hohner HC06 a long time ago, and I played on it my whole life. I’m actually searching which year and where it was built… but there is no serial number on it… the only number there is is “4033908960”, it’s written in the body next to the sound hole… Could anyone help ?

Hi all,

I’ve inherited a Hohner B2A headless bass. S/N: 8855975

Could you give me any info on it regarding where it was made and such?

Looking at previous posts, it would seem that the 88 part of the serial number indicates that it was manufactured in 1988.

Is there any more info you can provide?

Many thanks in advance!

Yes, you made the right conclusion. For the B2A model the first two digits of the serial number represent the manufacturing year. So your guitar is from 1988.

This is is some more information on this model from our archives:
headless bass; body: Californian solid maple; through neck: Californian maple with ebonol fingerboard; fretless; colour: black; 2 Select, designed by EMG; bass humbucker; active tone control, on/off; vol/vol/tone: treble/bass; black hardware, Steinberger; Fine-Tuning-Bridge

Thanks Kristin, that’s great

Hi all,

I’ve inheritet this guitar from my dad, and he cant remember if it was one he bought himself or inheritet from his father, i have this picture of the sticker from the inside, thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

Hello! I have a bass guitar, the serial number is 858202, could you give any information about it? Thank you very much!

Hi guys.

I have a Hohner St Lynx, Serial Number C107443.

That was my first guitar and I would like to have as much information about it as possible.

more than 25 years together…



Hi everyone. My partner inherited a Hohner guitar recently which says it’s a model GK200F and it was made in Japan. We haven’t been able to find anything for a Hohner with a GK model online so I figured I’d sign up here and hope someone can help us out with dating/any info about it.
Thanks in advance!

FYI at that time Hohner licensed the exclusive rights to reproduce Ned Steinberger’s revolutionary headless design in Korean-made guitars & basses. These instruments are still highly regarded today. The hardware is basically exactly the same, biggest difference to an original Steinberger bass is that those had a graphite neck. The Hohner headless guitars are also very good, you still sometimes see them on stage today.

I have to say that it’s a really good bass. I’m not a bassist by trade, but can appreciate it’s quality.

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Hi Kristin
As you appear to be the Hohner “oracle” I hope that you can help me with some info about a HW300 guitar that I have. It has the serial no. 9703003097, which means that the guitar was made, I believe in 1997 but was this guitar originally fitted with an Akkord SP20 pickup or did a previous owner have it fitted. Also is there a suffix to denote the electric pickup, i.e. HW300g or so.

It is a really lovely sounding guitar and at least as good as my Daion Mugan mk1. I really enjoy playing it.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated​.


Hi Kristin, some time ago i bought a hohner guitar from a friend. Since then i have been trying to find the model of the guitar or even the serial number but i couldn´t find it. Can you help me? It is an electric guitar, color red, it has a dual coil and then two single coils close to the bridge, in the head it only says Rockwood by Hohner. I hope you can help me!


I have a Hohner Professional L-59 electric guitar. My serial number is 8793350. Could I find out what year and where this guitar was made.


Can you help me ID a guitar I’ve come across? All natural wood finish standard SSS stratocaster, bolted in neck - serial 83129.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! Could you help me with year of mfg for an HG-10 I just bought? Serial #05862, any additional information would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

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