Hohner Guitar Model and Serial

FYI at that time Hohner licensed the exclusive rights to reproduce Ned Steinberger’s revolutionary headless design in Korean-made guitars & basses. These instruments are still highly regarded today. The hardware is basically exactly the same, biggest difference to an original Steinberger bass is that those had a graphite neck. The Hohner headless guitars are also very good, you still sometimes see them on stage today.

I have to say that it’s a really good bass. I’m not a bassist by trade, but can appreciate it’s quality.

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Hi Kristin
As you appear to be the Hohner “oracle” I hope that you can help me with some info about a HW300 guitar that I have. It has the serial no. 9703003097, which means that the guitar was made, I believe in 1997 but was this guitar originally fitted with an Akkord SP20 pickup or did a previous owner have it fitted. Also is there a suffix to denote the electric pickup, i.e. HW300g or so.

It is a really lovely sounding guitar and at least as good as my Daion Mugan mk1. I really enjoy playing it.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated​.


Hi Kristin, some time ago i bought a hohner guitar from a friend. Since then i have been trying to find the model of the guitar or even the serial number but i couldn´t find it. Can you help me? It is an electric guitar, color red, it has a dual coil and then two single coils close to the bridge, in the head it only says Rockwood by Hohner. I hope you can help me!


I have a Hohner Professional L-59 electric guitar. My serial number is 8793350. Could I find out what year and where this guitar was made.


Can you help me ID a guitar I’ve come across? All natural wood finish standard SSS stratocaster, bolted in neck - serial 83129.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! Could you help me with year of mfg for an HG-10 I just bought? Serial #05862, any additional information would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

Hello there

I just got an old ST Special. Could you help me with the production year and place (country and maybe name of the factory)? The serial nr. is: C101719

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have a greenburst Hohner professional ST 59 guitar. The serial number is C206200. Is it possible to know which year and where it was made ?

Why does my SG Lion have this serial number?![image|375x500](drew://289AANK0kPhKO2SfAepnAud7yVM


A neighbor gave me this guitar when cleaning out his basement. I was looking for any information. It is made by Hohner and it has serial number 78964 on the back. Any further information would be appreciated. Does it look like it might be an HG-430 LP of some type? Assuming the serial number conventions in the rest of this post was it made in 78?

Hi all,
I just bought a superb Hohner Professional L59.
On the back of the handle there is a sticker with the serial number: WO200392.
Can someone bring me information about the date of manufacture and the place (which is probably in Korea)?
Thank you.

B2A - Any help greatly appreciated!
I bought a lovely little B2A twenty years ago 2nd hand through a friend and it rapidly became favourite over a number of other vintage basses that I owned. I had to do some remedial wiring yesterday and wondered how old it actually was. Unfortunately I cannot find a serial number anywhere on the body or inside the pre-amp box. It is fitted with EMGs and the Steinberg bridge but I am guessing that is / was standard - or was it?

As I say I bought it in 2000 and although it was well used but in A1 condition I have done little to it other than regularly change strings and set it up as needed including replacing the very tired wiring! So can anyone out there in Hohnerland point me towards any other little hiding places the ser number might be please and thank you?

Can anybody help me date my B2A?
Is this the S/N on this label? It says “WO 200886”? Or, if not, where else should I be able to find the S/N?

I bought it in 1995 2nd hand. It is the 4 string fretted version. Do the same specs apply as to the B2AFL listed in this document?
This is just an awesome instrument! Any help is appreciated - thank you.

I have a mid 70s LP Copy with a serial # of 73670

Any way you can determine exact year and origin?



wondered if you could tell me the year and origin of my Hohner HS 59, s.n. : C300233


Hi everyone,
about 10 years ago my dad bought me a guitar. It’s an acoustic guitar with a dreadnought body. It has a sunset ‘‘sticker’’(I don’t know the name of that thing.) The model is: HW220P . Serial number is: 7014103095 .Does anyone have any information on this guitar?


Hi, I have a Hohner electric guitar, the serial number is 88988, how can I find the model and year of made? I would also like to find out its value too, thank you.

Hi Celia always help out youngster starting out what i can find out
may not be correct, If you go to guitar serial no. PDF Page 32
HG430 LPT £250 i put your guitar in as there was no picture.
hohner HG430LPT 01

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