Hohner Guitar Model and Serial

FYI at that time Hohner licensed the exclusive rights to reproduce Ned Steinberger’s revolutionary headless design in Korean-made guitars & basses. These instruments are still highly regarded today. The hardware is basically exactly the same, biggest difference to an original Steinberger bass is that those had a graphite neck. The Hohner headless guitars are also very good, you still sometimes see them on stage today.

I have to say that it’s a really good bass. I’m not a bassist by trade, but can appreciate it’s quality.

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Hi Kristin
As you appear to be the Hohner “oracle” I hope that you can help me with some info about a HW300 guitar that I have. It has the serial no. 9703003097, which means that the guitar was made, I believe in 1997 but was this guitar originally fitted with an Akkord SP20 pickup or did a previous owner have it fitted. Also is there a suffix to denote the electric pickup, i.e. HW300g or so.

It is a really lovely sounding guitar and at least as good as my Daion Mugan mk1. I really enjoy playing it.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated​.


Hi Kristin, some time ago i bought a hohner guitar from a friend. Since then i have been trying to find the model of the guitar or even the serial number but i couldn´t find it. Can you help me? It is an electric guitar, color red, it has a dual coil and then two single coils close to the bridge, in the head it only says Rockwood by Hohner. I hope you can help me!


I have a Hohner Professional L-59 electric guitar. My serial number is 8793350. Could I find out what year and where this guitar was made.


Can you help me ID a guitar I’ve come across? All natural wood finish standard SSS stratocaster, bolted in neck - serial 83129.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! Could you help me with year of mfg for an HG-10 I just bought? Serial #05862, any additional information would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance.

Hello - I own a Hohner HW-300E-AM with serial number 2074104547, and I was trying to figure out the year and location of manufacturing. I was unable to find my model in the list shared by Kristen in July of 2019. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hello there

I just got an old ST Special. Could you help me with the production year and place (country and maybe name of the factory)? The serial nr. is: C101719

Thank you :slight_smile:

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