Hohner Guitar Model and Serial


Hi Teo, of course! The Flame was an electric guitar model with same shape as blonde; die-cast gold / chrome machine heads; bolt on maple neck; rosewood fingerboard; flamed maple on top; 630mm scale; 22 nickel silver frets; 2 single coil pickups, 1 humbucker zebra-style; 5-way switch without switchplate; vol/tone; colour: cherry red sunburst. It was first made in 1996.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: I guess it didn’t belong to no Frank Zappa after all :smiley:


Hi Kristin. :slight_smile: have an old guitar i got from a friend. It has the large print on head, says model G299N and there is no serial. Any info on this guitar would be appreciated


I have a Hohner MC-05 guitar with the serial number 010943, can you say anything about it? Like what year it was made, etc?


Thank you. Sorry for the delay there.
I didn’t find a model number, but it is an ST special. Really nice swirled pattern to the wood of the neck- I guess that may be maple as well. The 5 way switch needs replacing, but I guess that may be one of the first things to wear out?


Hey, thank you very much. I’d love to help you, but unfortunately we don’t have any spare parts for this model in stock anymore.



Your neck is what is called “Birds Eye Maple” and they make great guitar necks and are my personal favorite. You can purchase a 5-way switch from many sources but depending on your soldering skills you may want to bring your guitar to a repair shop for fixing.


Hi @Kristin, or anyone else with the knowledge.
I have a black-bodied stratocaster-style Hohner Arbor Series guitar, with Rosewood fingerboard. The serial number on the neckplate (which is embossed with a picture of a tree) is E710940. Could anyone tell me anything about it please - like what year it was made and pickup/wood specifications? Thanks.


Hi Kristin! Just got my hands on a used classical guitar from Hohner. The sticker inside tells me it’s a HC06EQ, but I can hardly get a word from the Net about this flavor. It has a Shadow preamp, but do you have any info about woods, or production years?


Hi Kristin/Everyone,

Your postings are so informative and enjoyable to read. Thank-you.

I inherited an old Hohner acoustic guitar. Inside it reads:

28029 70g

Can you tell me anything about it?


Hello, i have a hohner sg lion. The serial number is 8705286. Can you tell me the year and country of fabrication please? Thank you!!!


would you have any information on this 335 style electric? Country and time period of make?


Hello, Kristin! I’m really glad that I have found this forum. I have a headless Hohner B2, but unfortunatelly it does not have a serial number. Is it possible to tell where and when it was made?


Hello All,

I have just became a Hohner owner. I’d like to get some info about the gear but don’t find any serial number search for Hohner.
Can Kristin or someone else help me please?
The guitar is a Hohner Arbor Les Paul copy. Serial No.: E712062.
Could it say when and where has it been made? Any chance to figure out type of wood?
Thank You very much for any help!



Hello Kandahar87 and all
it’s my 50th birthday today and one of my gifts was a Hohner Arbor Series Stratocaster style guitar, serial number E710940. It starts E71 like Ben’s Les Paul copy. I too would love to have any information if possible. Date of production? Woods, etc?
Thank you in advance!


Happy Birthday Carl!


Thank you Ben! I’m a new member of the Hohner Club too.


Hi Kristin,

I have a Hohner Professional L90, which is a sort of '56 Goldtop replica (with P90s and extra binding around the headstock). The serial number in C100173, and should be a guitar from around 1994 - do you know what the C means? I read in a guitar magazine review at the time, that these guitars were sometimes assembled in a sort of Custom Shop in Wales, or Cort in Korea. Am I going crazy, or is this true? The quality is quite good, but I’d be surprised if it was ‘custom’ - the carve is quite shallow, and my L60 (Les Paul Special from the same product range) is a nicer guitar.


Hey There,

I just picked up a Hohner st 59 serial number c215107. What can you tell me about it. Thanks!


Hello Kristin. I just received a Hohner electric guitar in a trade and looking for some info. It has Texas Special pickups and sounds awesome! It’s an ST Special Professional serial number 8716392. Thanks!