How do I properly clean and maintain my new Crossover?

I have heard of and read a lot of different opinions on how to clean harps and since this is my first one and a substantial investment I would like to maintain it the best I possibly can. Seems like harps have a shelf life of a couple years? I would like it to live happily as long as possible, I have already died once and this seems like one thing in life I can do now, So I am very excited! Are there special cleaning kits or methods I should know about? I can’t wait for my Crossover to arrive!

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Greetings. My best advice is ALWAYS tap out saliva when you are done playing and wipe your harp down with a lint free cloth. If you feel like you need to sanitize I would encourage you to use a cloth moistened with Listerine. Do NOT clean your harp with anything that you would not want in your mouth. Peace, Joe Filisko


Than you very much Joe! Peace to you as well.

I teach and play with my girlfriend and her son. She’s obsessive/compulsive about germs. The past 18 months have increased her disorder. She’s now convinced that there are deadly pathogens inside the harmonicas she and her son play.

I like your recommendations and wonder if you’re aware of the device from Seydel to sanitize a harp. Also, have you ever heard of the spread of disease by harmonica.


Hi Jaya,
I asked my doctor about this some years ago, as I was concerned about the possibility of reinfecting myself with the common cold virus. He assured me that viruses are unlikely to last long enough inside a harmonica to reinfect you if you play with a cold and then play the same instrument again after you’ve recovered. However, playing somebody else’s harmonica is a different matter and I neither do this, nor do I allow other people to play mine. Joe’s advice is as always sound as a bell. I have heard of the Seydel device but haven’t tried it, my personal opinion is that it may ease your mind, even if the actual likelihood of catching anything from your own instrument is small. But if it makes your girlfriend less anxious, it may be money well spent.

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Thanks Steve

I’m grateful for your words.

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