Identify a guitar

I bought an es35 the serial number is C101167
Is it possible to how old she is and where was her built

Hey Xavi!
The guitar with the serial C101167 you are showing is from 1991 and was most likely made in Indonesia.

Hello. Hope you all are well.
Do you have any information on this left handed pj bass?
Serial number c220293


Would you also be able to help me with a similar query?

I have a white SE35 with gold fittings that I bought in 1994. The PDF document on the site seems to suggest that it was made in 1992, but I am not sure. It was made in Korea, so I assume by Cort.

The serial number is C100744.

Could you confirm anything around it?

Best regards,

Hey AtivanHarlan!
From the serial# we can conclude that this PJBass was made in 1992 in Indonesia.

Hey James!
Good guess! From the serial# we can conclude that this SE 35 was made in 1991.
Does it say Made in Korea on the instrument? Should be made in Indonesia, according to my information.

Thank you very much for your answer Kristin !

Thanks for the information Kristin. Yes, definitely in Korea, so that’s interesting. Picture attached.

This is definitely interesting. In that year, the production of Hohner guitars moved from Korea to Indonesia and the C should be used to indicate which instrument comes from which country. But sometimes I think the people who produced the instruments didn’t understand our confusing “logic” requirements.
Well, it was definitely one of the last HOHNER guitars from Korea.

Thank you Kristin.

I had assumed the C came from Cort, if that was the factory in which the Korean guitars were made. Great to know a little more of the history of my guitar - it’s been with me a long time and I just recently restored it after 20 years in the loft. It’s good to have it back up and running.

Thanks for all your help.


I happened across a Hohner HW 300G/TBK and I love this thing. It is nearly mint and plays like a dream. The serial number is GM03G12184. I am thinking this would be from 2003 and it does say made in Indonesia. Do you know if this is correct?

Hello Kristin,

I have a Contessa HG 05 Classical guitar serial # 7386 that my father bought used for my mother around 1976. Could you tell me year of production and place of manufacture. I have been looking for more information on this guitar for years and just stumbled upon this thread.

Thank you

Kristin, I have a stratocaster style Hohner electric guitar with the serial number of 703403. Do you know if that means it was made in 1970? Also, do you know where it was made?


Here are some pics of the strat I mentioned in the previous message


Hey, I’m looking to fix up my Dad’s old TE Custom after being neglected and damaged a little. Would be great to get some info on what the original spec was. Serial number is C218373.

Also could you confirm which type of TE custom this is?

Many Thanks

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