Hohner Guitar Model and Serial

Hy! I just got one like this too and can’t find any information on it… would you please tell me if you found any about it?
Thanks a lot

Hello, fresh on here. Bart, 53, from Limburg Belgium, picked guitar playing back up about 2 years ago and just got my hands on a beautiful looking metallic cherry red Hohner Marlin Sl 300 B with serial number 9003876 and I would love to find out more about it. Wild guess, I think it’s a 1990 build? Feels kind of light in weight compared to a Samick bass I have. Weight of the body by the feel, I mean. Thanks in advance for your kind support. Just loved her when I saw her coming up for sale, got it yesterday, removed all non original decals and gave her a first clean. New set of strings ordered. Can’t wait to get to get her setup properly. The strings that are on there now show their age and are hard to get tuned and keep them tuned. Looking forward to the weekend already :wink:

Hi Bart,
this guitar was built in 1989 in S. Korea

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for the information. I just bought her on impulse and notified quite an issue, bending, of the neck, also the truss rod seems to be turned out quite far. As I would like to restore her to original specs I was keen to find out her birthdate to start with. I’ll try to make a descent picture of what worries me about the neck. Maybe you can hint me on my way to a solution.
Kind regards,

The bending is less visible on picture then in reality bit it also seems less since loosened the strings. As I understood it’s not that easy to get a truss rod setup properly.

Hi Bart,
I’m not a guitar tech and can’t really help you here. I suggest you take the instrument to a good music shop and get someone to take a look,


Im new to the Forum and im looking foreward to joining the diskussions.

Now to my question:

I`ve have never owned a Hohner guitar before, but i found a Hohner classical guitar with the serialnumber ( serie 2/ 50.665) in a secondhand shop Yesterday. It had no strings on it, but it looked Nice so it bought it for 70 Euro. When i Got Home and strung it up i discovered that it sounded absolutely amazing. So now im very curious. Can anyone tell me more about my new guitar?


Hohner Service says that number doesn’t tell them anything, it may be incomplete. If you can post a photo of the guitar and especially the soundhole with the label inside, we may be able to supply more information.

Hello folks! I’ve just picked up an Arbor MXJ series superstrat for what I’m hoping is a bit of a “Steal”.
I will be gifting this guitar to a relative so, would like to be able to pass on as much info as possible. It’s korean made but can’t find the year. Serial number is
E712173. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks and Happy playing!

Hi Rick,
I’ve enquired at Hohner Service & will let you know what they say

Many thanks. SteveBaker

Hi Rick,

here the available infos:

Power-Strat style, two Single-coils, one Humbucker, vol/tone, 3 2-way toggle switches, black hardware, Super-Trem, triangle inlay, colors: metallic red, black.
Manufactured in 1987 (presumably S. Korea), only available in UK

Hi, sorry to bother you. But I am wondering what guitar I have. Its serial number is 703273.
I got it from a pawn shop a little broken, but they fixed it up.


Without knowing what model your guitar is, this number alone doesn’t tell us anything. Maybe you could post a photo?

Thanks, that’s a big help! According to Hohner Service, this could be one of the first Hohner Telecaster guitars from the 1960s. It isn’t in their archive, but they sent me this link:

I hope that answers your question

Isn’t that an HG-420ST? It’s in the 1977 electric guitar catalogue.

I don’t know Phil, I don’t have a copy of the catalogue. Thanks for the tip, I’ll ask what the Service Dept. thinks & respond here.