Hohner Guitar Model and Serial



I have a question about the 1970’s Hohner Telecaster Deluxe copy that’s widely discussed. I’ve seen two types of knobs advertised as original. 1) the classic “witch hat” knobs that are widely accepted as original 2) speed knobs in black. I’ve seen several pics of black speed knobs purporting to be factory original but all the catalog picture and most guitars for sale on the internet are the witch hat version. Can you please clear this up for me?


Can any one tell me any think about my Hohner professional ex artist, number 8620168


Hi can you help me get a bit of information on my Hohner E715862 .
I bought this from a friend in the 1980s sold it to another friend in 1990 and just today I bought it back !
It’s a great guitar lovely condition I always regretted selling it ,now it’s going to my son .


Hello Kristen, I’ve loved Hohner acoustic guitars ever since I first played one about 25 years ago. I finally bought one yesterday at a pawnshop, and she sounds and looks incredible; absolutely beautiful. I’m curious about when and where she was crafted though, can you help me out? She’s a model EA65CEQ acoustic electric, the preamp is labeled ‘Shadow P4’, serial number 1114D00085

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!


Hello Everyone!

I’m just resurrecting my first guitar, a Hohner ST59 Professional in Blue, that I got in 1996 (i think) and i was wondering if anyone could shed more light on the year/country of manufacturer. The serial is: C103615.

Any help is greatly appreciated - and Happy New Year!



Hello all, happy new year.
A family member gave me a Arbol Series Hohner and I was wondering if you could provide information as to when it was made and where, also is it top of the range/bottom/middle.
The serial number is E718414.


Hi kristen i have a hohner professional st special S number : 8723318. Can you help me to know more about these guitar please ? Thanks in advance.


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Hi Kristen, I have a made in Japan classical guitar; Model G19(?) serial 07112 and I was wondering if you could give me any info on it


Hello @Kristen and all others, trying to pin down year of manufacture and any other details for my sunburst HS-35 serial number 9070038. Thanks much!


Where is Kristen is he/she no longer active?


Hi, I wonder if you could please let me know when and where the hohner professional ST-59 serial number C216110 has been made.


I have a Hohner Professional ST 59 type of Guitar, the serial is C207344.
Could you pls help me if when and where it was made?
Thanks Gabor


I also have an HG-230, looking for more info. Has a Limited Edition Series 1 wood badge inside the sound hole with model number (HG-230) and the Hohner name. The headstock has an abalone inlay with large vertical “HOHNER” logo. The whole acoustic is flamed wood…top, sides and back with brass nut, brass saddle and brass bridge pins…all original. Beautiful acoustic. Perhaps one of the best acoustics I’ve ever played. I have yet to see another one of these. Made in Japan, 1970’s. Has the number: 150107 on the inside neck area.


Hello, trying to date my HJ3, serial number SK05030048.
Thanks in advance


Hi can you please help me date my prinz sn C103180?




Whatever info you might have would be greatly appreciated. This has become my favorite guitar :blush:


Hey all,

We have noticed that there is a great need and interest in the subject of historical guitar models. Hohner stopped the production and distribution of guitars some time ago, now we don’t have any real guitar specialists in our team anymore. So, we have compiled all the information available to us in a table for you and hope this can actively help you.




Hi Kristin,

If possible, I would like to get all the available information about my Hohner LP75 guitar. The serial number is 9039182. Do you have anything in the system?

Thank you very much for the help!


Hi, Kristin. I just bought a Hohner Les Paul with the serial: 8709125. Do you think it’s the same model? If not, could you give me specs and info, and maybe even price? Best Regards.


Kristin, this does not provide the info by serial number.