Hohner Guitar Model and Serial


Hello I have a white Les Paul style Hohner in cream/ white. I have had this guitar for at least 25 years. The serial number is 88711. Can you tell me more about this guitar? Thanks in advance!


Hi Kristin
My very first electric guitar was a Hohner Strat. I think I had it as a Xmas present in 1982. It played beautifully and at the time my Dad (a seasoned musician) bought another one as he was so impressed. I still have it and it is still a pleasure to play. The serial number is 852161 and it has “Made in Japan” on the the neck plate. Do you have any more info about this guitar?
Many thanks in advance


Hey Kristin, I have a Hohner dreadnought style acoustic (HG-230) with a serial number of 150107. It’s got the wood badge on the inside that says “Limited Edition Series I”. Could you tell me more about it?

Thank you!




My Hohner SG (Serial# 81717 with a “Made in Japan” sticker) was the first item I purchased (at a pawn shop) after moving away from home and getting my first apartment in 1991. All I needed was a guitar and a TV…everything else came later.

I’ve had it for over 25 years without knowing anything about it. Can you tell me the year and any particulars on the guitar?

Thanks in advance


I am the proud new owner of a Hohner Acoustic Bass. If anyone has some info about it I would greatly appreciate. Love it, plays great.
Model - TWP600B BK (it looks like TWB but I dont see that was ever a thing)
Serial - 91123677 (the 3 and 6 are hard to make out but I think its right)



HI All,

I have just purchased an L%( Serial 8857124. Keen to know what year.

Im also looking to replace the Pickup surrounds and canoot find the type. Four hole on one side three on the other, looking for solutions for this but like the pickups so no looking to replace.


Sorry thats L59.

Keen to understand current value also


Hi Kristin I have a Hohner Professional PJ (also have the fretless PJ FL) the PJ model I got free because it had splits full length of the body.
I took some time repairing the body then respraying it in the original finish a metallic candy apple red.
The serial is C210338 can you help with any details ? are there any old Hohner catalogues still available on line
? Thank you.


hello my hohner bass is a jazz bass, 849852 says made in japan


Not sure how to start a new post on here and so hoping that someone can help through this reply.
I am trying to find out a rough value of a guitar that I bought second hand about 20 years ago.
It is a Hohner Professional The Prinz serial number C102404.
Perfect condition.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi! I trying to find more information about my bass: it’s a hp bass and the serial is 8623569. Thanks!