Hohner Guitar Model and Serial

W e l c o m e B e n !

The serial no. should start with an 8 on the body, second number is year so 86 is 1986 can’t be any younger than that.
Kris tin gave details on woods used on mine have a look for that.
hope its some help?

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Hi everyone, i recently acquired two great basses and would like to know the manufacturing dates (or at least years).
Hohner B2A V Bass, Serial 05053255
Hohner B2 Bass, Serial 8850780

thanks in advance!

Horner HW300G-TWR

Recently purchased a acoustic guitar out of pawn shop. Serial number is 9905250315. Is there any information on its spec, where made, year? I’ve cleaned it up, polished the frets, and upgraded the tuners. It’s sounds good.

A serial number starting with 99 indicates that this model was made in 1999. It was made in China.

Hi, I have a Rockwood LX250G with a 7 digit serial number 1021448 and was wondering what year it was made? I read LX250G guitars were only made from 92 to 96 is that correct?

Hi Ash. That’s basically correct. However, the serial number indicates that this model was made in 1991. So it seems to be one of the first Rockwood models.
Greets, Kristin