Hohner Guitar Model and Serial

Hi Kristen
I have a Hofner Senator Archtop Hollowbody I just picked up I am trying to get the approximate year if you can help me out
Serial number is 6925

Hi, I have a Dreadnaught model HW-300G, Serial No.: 9603076114. I want to buy a replacement saddle bone. Appreciate very much If you could provide dimensions, part number, or any other relevant information that I can use to purchase an improved saddle bone.

hello! can anyone tell me the year & where my guitar was made, please?

Hi Jazzy,
this forum is about Hohner instruments. Your guitar is made by Hofner, a different and completely unrelated company despite the similarity in spelling. They make really nice archtop guitars as well as those Beatle basses…

Hello Agonizer,
The only information that I have on this model, that the production was between 1978 to 1985.
the link is below:

Enjoy & take care.

Continuing the discussion from Hohner g3t serial numbers/ year of manufacture?:

Hi I have a GT-3 oil finish I bought it used a few years ago The serial number is CO 04I 10163
I was wondereing when and where in was manufactured?

Hi I have a black LP looking Hohner with mother of pearl inlay for the fretboard and headstock logo. Serial Number 75599 on the back of the headstock. Do you have any additional information on this guitar? Thanks!

Hi, my most recent eBay find is a JT60 ATN; Serial Number C201900; any additional details you can share beyond what’s on the ‘Hohner - Historical Guitar Models’ pdf. It’s going to make for a challenging restoration, but good to see there is a still a Hohner guitar community out there, really interested to learn more about this interesting guitar.Thanks

I picked up this guitar yesterday. Can’t find the model name (although someone scribbled BL on the label!). Model number is 133132.

Can Hohner let me know what model/year this is?

Thank you!

Looking for information on a Hohner HG-05 serial number 71213

I just bought a white 1989 hohner st special. I set it up. The guitar is amazing.

First digits are the year. Mine is 89 as well. Its white. St special professional. Cracks near the body. Its just pressure cracks in the paint. You have a amazing guitar. I had to set mine up. The thing plays lime a champ. Sounds great. Its a keeper in my collection of guitars.

Hey Kristin

I have a Hgk 596 serial # 993253. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time!

Hi I need help to identify the year of manufacture of my recently acquired Hohner TE Prinz serial number is G206753. Thanks in advance for your help.

Hello, I hope you are well, I don’t suppose you would be able to give me any info on my 59ST Professional, serial number - C217887

Many thanks


@Kristin Hi I need help to identify the year of manufacture of my recently acquired Hohner TE Prinz serial number is G206753. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have a L75 Les Paul with SN: 8721648 on the Neck Plate. What may be the construction date??
THNX in advance

Hallo! Ich habe eine 12-saitige Gitarre mit Hohner Professional Zulassungspapier auf dem Pansen, 11-796. Es hat einen eingebauten Tonabnehmer. Andere Informationen? Baujahr, Herstellungsort … und Name des Herstellers (HiHi) Danke schön

Hi Jimy,

your guitar was built in 1987, for this i’m very sure. :wink:

Greetings from Germany

@Kristin - I have a Hohner Electric Guitar JT-60 with a serial number C211916. Can you tell me what year was this made?

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